Hay Donation and Service Project

December 3, 2016

On Saturday, December 3, a total of 22 members (scouts and dads) from Boy Scout Troop 13 in St. Charles worked on a service project for FOD. Field of Dreams supporters, Mike and Abigail of Maple Park, donated 150 bales of hay to help feed our horses and we needed to move the hay over to our location. Tasha of Escapar Farms, lent us her utility trailer and with the use of may of the scouts' pickup trucks, the hay was moved to FOD in 1 hour and 20 minutes! Everyone worked so hard and made easy work of this big project. We are extremely grateful to Troop 13 for volunteering to help us and to Mike and Abigail for their generosity. We hope the troop enjoyed the hot chocolate, cider, and donuts as much as our horses are enjoying their hay.