Welcome Flicka

March 5, 2017

Flicka is a beautiful little chestnut pony mare, possibly a shetland, between 12-15 years old.  She has a white blaze on her face, a long forelock, thick mane and tail and the largest, most beautiful eyes.  Flicka arrived at Field of Dreams this past Sunday and is adjusting well.  She is extremely sweet, has a wonderful low-pitched nicker and is enjoying a stall guard that's "just her size" so she can see what is going on at the barn. 

Although much of Flicka's past is unknown, we were told she used to be a parade pony for children.  Approximately five years ago, the barn Flicka resided in caught fire and although she survived, it made her frightened of humans.  After the fire, her owner no longer wanted her and a neighbor took over her care.  Last year, the neighbor had to relinquish Flicka through no fault of her own and she has been in foster care ever since.  Flicka's caretaker succeeded in making her less fearful of humans, but she still has a way to go.  Our rehabilitation program with the daily love, care and attention we provide is the perfect environment for Flicka to thrive in.  We are grateful to have been a part of Flicka's rescue, along with Kelly Walter Owens of Hands and Hooves Riding, Rescue & Rehabilitation and Roz Wilde
Welcome little Flicka - we are so happy to have you with us!