Horses available for adoption

When you adopt a rescue horse, you give the horse a chance of a life filled with purpose and a home filled with love.  When a horse is ready for adoption, he is very carefully matched to a potential adopter. Because of the level of care we provide, we are very familiar with each horse’s personality, as well as ground manners, riding ability and medical concerns, if any. 

There is an adoption fee to cover some of the costs associated with providing care to the rescue while at Field of Dreams. Adoption fees vary by horse based on their age, health, soundness and ability to be ridden. Adoption fees generally range between $500 - $3000 per horse.

Explore our list of horses looking for new homes to find a horse you think is right for you. If you are interested in adopting, or simply want to learn more about horse adoption before seriously considering it for yourself, please complete our Adoption Inquiry Form or contact Kim Goodman, at 630-417-9667.

Thank you for your interest in horse adoption.