Every horse that comes into our rescue is looked after by our dedicated and experienced team of volunteers and professionals. A customized treatment plan ensures each horse gets the special attention it deserves.

As soon as Field of Dreams rescues a horse, it is evaluated and given a complete veterinary exam.  If required, the horse is vaccinated, a fecal analysis is performed, teeth are floated and hooves are trimmed.  An appropriate feeding program is established and the horse then begins its rehabilitation program which includes exercise, training and daily tender, loving care provided by Field of Dreams' volunteers.

All horses that are rescued by Field of Dreams remain with us for a minimum of 60 days.  This allows us time to provide the horse with appropriate medical care and attention as well as gives us the opportunity to get to know the horse's individual personality. 


Orlando's Story

After fulfilling his duties in live nativity plays, the petting zoo where Orlando resided decided they no longer needed the old donkey. Field of Dreams was contacted to see if we could take him in as he kept falling down in the snow and ice and was freezing to death in the severe January weather.  A supporter of Field of Dreams dug their trailer out of the ice and picked up the old donkey who seemed to know he was being taken to a safe place. Orlando arrived at our barn walking very slowly down the aisle. Those of us who were present that evening will never forget the sight of the frozen donkey, each hair on his body encrusted in ice and the "clinking" sound he made with every difficult step he took.  We wrapped him in heated towels to raise his body temperature and fed him a warm mash to help warm him from the inside.  In the days that followed, we provided him with good nutrition, veterinary care and an incredible amount of volunteer love. The donkey who was not expected to make it through the night back in the winter of 2008, who was considered a "throw-away" due to his age and inability to perform a job, not only survived but thrived, enjoying more than 8 years with his forever family- Field of Dreams Horse Rescue and Adoption

Orlando served as a teacher for new volunteers who may be intimidated by larger horses as they learn to groom and pick hooves. He served as an escort to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for one of our ponies who needed surgery and while there, became a star in his own right. He traveled with us to schools and prisons to let individuals experience firsthand the sight and feel of a "farm" animal.  Most of all, Orlando taught us all the power of a life lived with dignity and purpose.  Field of Dreams is both grateful and honored to have provided this incredibly special donkey with the love and care he deserved for the rest of his life.