Horse Donation

1. This form is to be used to describe the horse you are donating to Field of Dreams Horse
Rescue and Adoption. It is designed to provide us with as much information as possible
about the horse so we can find the best home for your horse. Please answer all questions
truthfully and be sure you understand your obligations before signing the donor contract.
We cannot accept any horse without the owner’s signature.

2. We will keep each horse for a minimum of 60 days (fewer days ONLY under very
special circumstances) to get to know each horse’s personality, physical abilities, &
emotional status. Our intention is to find them a lifelong happy home with the same

3. To protect your horse, these statements are part of the “Adoption Form”:
“I also understand that selling or transferring ownership of any Field of Dreams Horse
Rescue and Adoption horse is considered Grand Larceny and could result in criminal
fines and possible jail time by the authorities.”

“As the farm/stable/land owner, I understand that no lien can ever be put on an adoption
horse for nonpayment of board, lease or any service that I/we provide at this
farm/stable/barn. I understand that if the adopter is not paying their bills (to you, the
farrier, vet, transporter or any professional that cares for this horse) in a timely manner or
is not caring for their horse, not coming to see the horse, neglecting, abusing or
over-working it, Field of Dreams Horse Rescue and Adoption must be promptly called by
the stable owner/manager to recover the horse.”

Field of Dreams Horse Rescue and Adoption is funded entirely through private and corporate
donations. While no donation is required for us to help a horse, if you have the ability to donate,
it would be greatly appreciated. This is how we can help your horse and the next.

We thank you!


(horses over $5000, will require an Appraisal by a person qualified and current with the American Society of Equine Appraisers)
(name of the association, club, federation, registry, etc.)

Current location of horse :

Please indicate the following conditions of adoption:


Fill in the last date that each was completed:



TRAINING/TEMPERAMENT HISTORY (answer the following questions)

I am/we are the sole, legal owners of the horse described below. No other person, corporation or other entity has any right or claim to the horse. The horse is free and clear of all financial obligations including training fees, breeding fees, boarding fees and vet bills.